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Licensed Residential Swimming Pool and Spa Maintenance Services by Carefree Pools & Home Care, Inc - ROC 308715

Home and Pool Services

Weekly Pool Care Services:
- Test and balance chemicals for pool/spa/water features
- Brush interior walls, steps, negative edge, grotto`s thoroughly
- Skim surface and bottom debris
- Vacuum bottom and steps as needed when infloor cleaning system not available or operational
- Empty skimmer and pump baskets
- Backwash filtration system as needed to ensure system efficiency, proper pressure, and water flow
- Run equipment inspecting for leaks and functionality
- Communicate findings and recommendations for ensuring proper maintenance and longevity of equipment
- Maintain filter cleanings and maintenance records to ensure abiding by manufacturer`s warranty rules (filter cleanings are billed separately from weekly services but are performed as needed on a seasonal basis, at minimum two times per year)
- Maintain monthly log of pool chemistry tests for advising when water hardness and or Cyanuric Acid levels require dilution via partial or full drains.

Custom Pool Care Services:
- drain and acid wash pool, spa, water features
- chlorine wash pool, spa, water features
- coordinate hard surface repairs and tile cleanings with licensed vendors
- coordinate pool restorations with licensed contractors

Equipment Repairs:
- Pumps, filters, heaters, motors, infloor-cleaning system controllers, spa and pool light repairs, temperature sensors, spa side controllers, circuit boards, backwash valve replacements, replumbing PVC backwash lines and drains, Aqualink relay and sensor repairs, timers, etc.

Equipment Replacements:
- Filters, Pumps, Motors, In-Floor Cleaning Systems, Salt Cells, Air blowers, Spa & Pool lights, Water Levelers, etc.

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