Test • Inspect • Communicate • Correct

Weekly Pool Care Services:

  • Test and balance chemicals for pool/spa/water features
  • Brush interior walls, steps, negative edge, grotto`s thoroughly
  • Skim surface and bottom debris
  • Vacuum bottom and steps as needed when in-floor cleaning systems or pool vacuums are overwhelmed by storms or seasonal debris
  • Empty all skimmer and pump baskets
  • Backwash filtration system as needed to ensure system efficiency, proper pressure, water clarity and filtration flow
  • Run filtration equipment inspecting for leaks, early signs of trouble and proper functionality
  • Verify adequate filtration run times are scheduled – advise if changes are recommended
  • Communicate findings of chemistry or equipment issues found and recommendations for ensuring proper maintenance and longevity of equipment

Equipment Repairs:

  • Pumps, filters, heaters, motors, in floor-cleaning system distributors/controllers, pool and spa light repairs, temperature sensors, spa side controllers, circuit boards, backwash valve replacements, re-plumbing PVC backwash lines, Aqualink, Intellitouch, EasyTouch relays, electronic actuators and sensor repairs, timers, etc.

Equipment Replacements:

  • Heaters, Filters, Pumps, Motors, Remote Control Systems – new and upgrades, In-Floor Cleaning Systems, Salt Cells, Salt Chlorine Generator Systems, Air blowers, Spa & Pool lights, Water Levelers, etc.

Custom Pool Care Services:

  • Drain and acid wash pool, spa, negative edge basins, or water features
  • Chlorine wash pool, spa, water features
  • Coordinate descaling tile and pebble tec waterline with licensed vendors
  • Referrals for pool surface and hardscape restorations with licensed contractors

Quarterly and Semi-annual maintenance items:

  • Quarterly salt cell cleanings / maintenance included for salt pools
  • Semi-Annual filter cleanings, backwash valve lube and pump lube maintenance schedules maintained ensure compliance with manufacturer`s warranty guidelines - filter cleanings are billed separately from weekly services ~ they are performed at minimum two times per year, more if monsoons or dust storms dictate needs
  • Maintain monthly log of pool chemistry tests for advising when total water hardness and or Cyanuric Acid levels require dilution via partial or full drains.
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Weekly Pool and Spa Maintenance

Quarterly and Semi-Annual Maintenance Items

Equipment Repairs

Equipment Replacements

Custom Pool Care Projects

Remote Control Installation